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Myco Mission Gourmet Mushroom Farm

Oyster Mushroom Flight™ Grow Kit

Oyster Mushroom Flight™ Grow Kit

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When you make a minimum donation we will send you a Myco Mission Gourmet Oyster Mushroom Flight™ as our Thank You! 

Our Oyster Mushroom Flight™ has three different kinds of Oyster Mushrooms. 

Your donation helps fund The Myco Mission below. 

The Myco Mission: To provide the Myco Mission Mushroom cultivation toolkits and training to the impoverished to help end world hunger. We are educating people how to cultivate mushrooms in communities and countries most affected by hunger and malnutrition. Tons of mushrooms can be grown from expanding a couple milliliters of liquid culture into quarts. The liquid can be combined with over 250 growing substrates leading to tons of mushrooms. A few weeks later and the mushroom are ready to cook and eat. No one needs to go hungry! We live in abundance. Mushrooms grow like a fungus. That's because they are a fungus. Knowledge, education and assistance is all that's needed to put medicinal, nutritional protein based gourmet mushrooms, on everyones plate. 


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